Brooklyn-Based Founder & Nurse Practitioner Launches FuzzClinic Skin Care

Brooklyn-Based Founder & Nurse Practitioner Launches FuzzClinic Skin Care

Over the past two years of owning and operating PeachFuzz Laser Studio in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, N.Y., Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, founder of the successful laser studio wanted to offer her clients more after receiving their services.

“PeachFuzz Laser Studio started as a laser hair removal studio catering to women of color in June 2020. We were immediately a hit and were amazed at our popularity despite the pandemic. Self-care became a priority. Our clients became our case study and we realized that their skin care needs regarding hair removal were not being met. There needed to be hair removal products dedicated to ethnic bodies and facial hair,” explains Wagner-Gaymon, founder and chief executive officer of PeachFuzz Laser Clinic and FuzzClinic skin care.

(Image: Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, Courtesy of PeachFuzz Laser Studio)

“I am very excited to launch this growing collection of products following our participation in the Target Forward Founders Accelerator program. We want to liberate women from the shame of dealing with unwanted face and body hair caused by PCOS and other hormonal issues,” says Wagner-Gaymon.

(Image: Kristin Lauren Wagner, Courtesy of PeachFuzz Laser Studio)

Keisha with support from her sister, Kristin Wagner, chief operating officer, created a collection of skin care products to maintain and manage the appearance and feel of all skin tones, with a special niche for melanated skin; as well as women managing PCOS and those that suffer from hirsutism.

BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke with the Brooklyn-based founder and nurse practitioner about the limited collection.

What was the inspiration behind FuzzClinic skin care?

I was inspired by my experiences dealing with unwanted hair as a teenager and young adult. I started having facial hair at 15. It was devastating, especially at an age when you are starting to blossom as a young woman. I felt helpless. I remember even going to my primary care doctor and she laughed because she thought it was such a trivial problem. This is when feelings of depression set in. I felt ugly and my self-esteem was at a all-time low.

Today I see hundreds of women who felt like I did. Some are hiding behind turtlenecks and tons of makeup to hide scars. These women currently dread the at home hair removal experience, we want to liberate them from ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation with the FuzzClinic products to address these issues not just at our skin studio in Brooklyn but across the United States with our collection being sold nationwide.

You have a background as a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. What was it like shifting to entrepreneurship?

In my heart I have always been an entrepreneur. I love the idea of having something that you created that someone else wants or needs and sees value in. I have come up with several business ideas over the years and like many never executed.

During the pandemic I was still working as a nurse practitioner and lost many patients to Covid-19.

That was a life changing experience and confirmed life is too short to not follow your dreams. I made the decision to start the business. I was scared, but I did it anyway — One of the best decisions I ever made.

Your sister, Kristin Wagner, is chief operating officer. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs working with family members?

Balance is key. Disagreements and misunderstandings will happen, but open lines of communication around common goals and overall vision will save the family and the business. Once you align passion and productivity, innate trust provides an optimal atmosphere and experience.

What should clients with skin conditions and hormonal disorders know about FuzzClinic?

FuzzClinic products are created to support hair removal dedicated to people — especially women — with kinky and/or textured, minimal to maximal amounts of facial and/or body hair.

Women of color are susceptible to hyperpigmentation, ingrown hair, and uneven skin tone. Why does this happen? The culprit is shaving, waxing, and tweezing. Black and Brown women need products that will prep, calm, treat, and conceal. Our line of products addresses these concerns. Our Silky Botanical Shave Oil preps and calms the skin for a smooth shave whether face or bikini.

We also want to remove shame from an otherwise embarrassing topic. We have created a community of customers who understand this struggle and how it can affect one’s self esteem.

We are the only brand addressing PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) or hormonal disorders in skincare.

What advice would you give to people struggling with their self-esteem and unwanted facial or body hair?

You are not alone. There are millions of women who suffer from PCOS which is a leading cause of hirsutism or excessive hair growth. PCOS affects one in 10 women of childbearing age. Although it can feel impossible, all hope is not lost. Laser removal is a game changer and can return confidence. In serious cases it is suggested to consult a physician and consider medications such as birth control or metformin. Both can assist to regulate hormones.

What is your number one skincare tip for people with melanated skin?

Many Black women have not incorporated sunscreen in their skin care routine. Not only does it prevent skin cancer and premature aging, it is an absolute must when undergoing laser hair removal. Sunscreen also helps hyperpigmentation from worsening.

FuzzClinic is just in time for summer! What products can we look forward to in the fall?

In the fall, we will launch our glycolic lotion for keratosis pilaris (also known as strawberry legs) and our exfoliating hyperpigmentation scrub. We can’t wait!

FuzzClinic‘s summer collection will launch in the summer of 2022 with the four following products:

(Image: Ingrown Hair Serum (Pre/Post-Laser), Courtesy of PeachFuzz Laser Studio)

FuzzClinic Ingrown Hair Serum

This powerful serum is to be used pre and post-laser treatment to gently exfoliate the skin. Tea Tree oil is combined with multiple acids to create a powerful serum to eliminate ingrown hairs and soothe irritations.

Four ounces, $20

(Image: Aloe + Arnica Relief Gel (Post-Laser), Courtesy of PeachFuzz Laser Studio)

Post Laser Aloe and Arnica Relief Gel

This lemon-scented gel was specially formulated for post laser care. Aloe soothes while Arnica montana’s anti-inflammatory powers calm and cool the skin. Perfect for the face and body, this product can be also used as a soothing product to treat sunburns.

Four ounces, $13

(Image: Brightening Sunscreen, Courtesy of PeachFuzz Laser Studio)

Brightening Sunscreen with Niacinamide

Sunscreen is an absolute must post laser hair removal. This sunscreen has a gel-like texture that provides a smooth finish with SPF 30 protection, without the white cast. Niacinamide protects the skin from hyperpigmentation and uneven tone.

Four ounces, $25

(Image: Shimmer Oil, Courtesy of PeachFuzz Skin Studio)

FuzzClinic Shimmer Oil

Show off your fuzz-free body with our delicious peach fuzz shimmer oil. Smell like vanilla and peach with this delicious bronzing shimmer oil that moisturizes and protects with SPF 30.

Four ounces, $19