Singer Gene Noble Releases Heartfelt COVID-19 Video to Inspire the Black Community
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Singer Gene Noble Releases Heartfelt COVID-19 Video to Inspire the Black Community

Gene Noble
Gene Noble (Image: James Anthony)

There have been record-breaking numbers of black and brown people who have passed away from COVID-19. Every day there are reports of the disproportionate impact of the virus on black communities around the nation. And as an expression of art and the times, singer and songwriter Gene Noble decided to take to the empty streets of Atlanta to create a heartfelt video.

Noble recently signed with legacy recording label Hidden Beach Records, an independent record label that holds a distribution deal with Universal Music Group, as one of its newest artists after a lengthy hiatus. Noble shot the “Too Many Lost” video on his iPhone and it was later produced by multi-instrumentalist, Gorden Campbell. And the song is the first track off Noble’s forthcoming Hidden Beach debut EP. Through the video, Noble hopes to bring awareness and give thanks to people on the frontline, not with just the virus, but also essential workers that are constantly risking their lives.

Watch Too Many Lost

In a statement released by Steve McKeever, CEO and founder of Hidden Beach Recordings, he said, “We’re excited to have Gene be our first new artist after an absence working with new artists.”

Noble shared his excitement about joining the label by stating, “I’ve been a fan of Hidden Beach Recordings for a long time so it’s pretty exciting to have their support and partner with them to release new music.”

He also shared that the project is near to his heart. “I’ve put a lot of love into this new project and I absolutely cannot wait to share my new music with the public! I’m particularly thankful to be able to utilize my platform to offer a powerful song and video that’s much bigger than me,” said Noble.

McKeever went on to add, “We’re particularly proud to share his talents at a time we feel society needs voices like Gene’s more than ever. Our core mission has always been providing a home to artists with something to say.”


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