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Georgia To Debut First Waterslide Coaster At Lake Lanier This Spring

Georgia is ignoring the countless deaths and creepy tales surrounding Lake Lanier by debuting the state's first waterslide coaster this Spring.

State officials gathered together on Wednesday, March 13, for a steel-signing ceremony in celebration of the first–ever waterslide coaster in Georgia at Lanier Islands, Access WDUN reported. Their signatures on the ceremonial steel beam serve as a “good luck” on the remainder of the construction.

It’s a fast turnaround for the Apocalypso waterslide complex, situated within the newly revamped Fins Up! Falls at Lanier Islands. After beginning construction last month, the waterslide coaster is slated to open during the water park’s 2024 spring/summer season.

“I can’t think of a more appropriate thing, with the 62 years of history at this lake, to add Georgia’s largest water complex on Georgia’s largest lake,” Charles Burton, Executive Director of Lanier Islands Developmental Authority said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

Waterslide coasters are different from traditional waterslides in that they offer increased velocity, sharp turns, thrilling drops, and unique features that propel riders upwards rather than solely downwards. The Apocalypso is expected to extend over 418 feet and boast one of the most substantial drops of its caliber in the United States.

In addition to the waterslide coaster, Fins Up! Falls will also offer three additional water slides attached to the same tower to give parkgoers some variety to choose from. Slides include Serpentine Storm, which merges the high-banking rotations of a bowl with the rapid descent of a downward-spiraling flume, Dreamsicle Dive serves as a traditional closed and open tube waterslide experience, and Mago Mania will cater to guests seeking a lower-intensity waterslide experience with its aqua tube design that offers diverse slopes and slide paths.

Other features coming to the waterpark include a floating obstacle course, a floating lakeside buffer to offer easy access to the lake, and a cabana program offering VIP sections along the wave pool and beach. This is on top of the 11 waterslides and aquatic attractions the park already provides, including LandShark Landing, Camp Margaritaville, and License to Chill Snow Island.

“Our core purpose is to create happy places that make smiling faces,” Dale Kaetzel, President of Go Outdoors said. “And I can’t think of any better place to do that than right here at Lake Lanier Islands.”

The waterpark’s expansion comes despite the haunted tales and deaths that surround Lake Lanier. Reports show over 200 people have died at Lake Lanier between 1994 and 2022, with most of the deaths attributed to drownings.

In 2023, there were 39 reported drownings at Lake Lanier. The history of the lake includes displaced cemeteries and unmarked graves which have fueled rumors of the lake being haunted.