Georgia Pastor, Pastor R. A. Hill, fraud, Identify Theft

Georgia Pastor And Car Dealer Arrested For Alleged Fraud, Identify Theft

Reveckeyo “R.A.” Hill faces similar charges in another Georgia county prior to his recent theft allegation.

A Georgia pastor has been arrested for alleged identity theft and fraudulent activity toward customers at his car dealership. Reveckeyo “R.A.” Hill was detained by Athens-Clarke County Police on April 11.

According to WSB-TV, Hill’s scheme unveiled his past criminal record, one that shocked his customers and congregation. He was previously convicted of identify theft in Elbert County, mere miles away from where his newest alleged transgressions took place. Furthermore, the local news outlet investigated his crime spree in May 2023. In the scheme, the crooked pastor stole the identities of those who purchased vehicles, continuing the theft in his new venture.

“He will use people’s real identity, who bought a car with him in the past. He’ll use their identity to register vehicles in their name without their knowledge,” explained Detective Nathaniel Franco during the outlet’s initial investigation.

In Clarke County, Hill allegedly defrauded customers at his car dealership, H and P Auto Broker. One of his accusers, Evette Strickland, claims her deceased husband owed $70,000 toward a truck he never had. The widow expressed her shock that a religious leader would deceive people like this.

“(If) Someone’s a pastor, you would think they were … they would lead you in the right direction and not take money from you,” explained the widow.

Another victim, Stephanie Dowdy, shared that she was paying Hill directly for her car payments. However, the money never made it to the loan company, as she later discovered her car’s repossession.

Hill spoke to investigative reporter Justin Gray to defend himself against the allegations. During the conversation, the defamed pastor claimed that all his business dealings were legitimate and requested a “fair” investigation.

“We just want a fair investigation, be fair,” urged Hill. “I think you guys are used to dealing with people that run from you guys. I’m not intimidated by you guys.”

However, his attorney declined to discuss the accusations in Athens, and also refused to provide the proof to confirm his stance. Although Hill filed an appeal for his charges in Elbert County, he remains detained in Clark County Jail.