Georgia Officials Investigating Police Officers Seen On Video Beating Black Man in Prison Cell

Georgia Officials Investigating Police Officers Seen On Video Beating Black Man in Prison Cell

Yet another police beating has been captured on video and has gone viral. Investigators are looking into the latest incident, which was filmed at a jail in Camden County, Georgia on Sept. 3.

According to The Associated Press, the video shows five deputies jumping on Jarrett Hobbs, who was booked on traffic violations and drug possession.

The surveillance clips reveal the five men punching the victim on his head and neck as they entered his prison cell. Hobbs’ lawyer, civil rights attorney Harry Daniels, released the video publicly on Monday.

“It’s undeniable that Mr. Hobbs was approached by jailers and he was assaulted, punched multiple times in the back of his head, kneed in his head and dragged out of his cell,” Daniels said. “This is a brutal beating, a brutal attack.”

Daniels is calling for authorities to pursue criminal charges against the police officers.

A statement was released by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office via the department’s Facebook page.

“A video published on social media is a portion of an incident that occurred at The Camden County Sheriff’s Office Jail has the public questioning the actions of the correction officers. Sheriff Jim Proctor, and members of the Command Staff, have reviewed the video. Sheriff Proctor has ordered an internal investigation of the incident to begin immediately. This investigation will include all recorded video from the time the inmate entered the facility on September 3rd, 2022 until his release on September 30th, 2022. If deemed necessary an additional agency will assist with the investigation.”

Prison records reveal that Hobbs, who resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, was arrested on Sept. 3 and was initially booked on charges of speeding, driving on a suspended or revoked license, and possessing an illegal drug.

He was later charged with aggravated battery, simple assault, and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

On Oct. 20, a judge’s order stated that one of the probation officers testified that Hobbs “punched one deputy in the face while punching another deputy in the side of the head. One deputy sustained a bruised eye and a broken hand as a result of the incident.” It was also revealed that Hobbs was punched in the head and the probation officer stated that he was “unaware of the exact sequence of events.”