Get Uncomfortable! 5 Ways to Step Into Your Abundance Zone

Get Uncomfortable! 5 Ways to Step Into Your Abundance Zone

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Success is intentional. However, it requires us to get uncomfortable. When doing things that are only in your comfort zone, your achievements can only be as great as your own personal beliefs and limitations. By becoming uncomfortable, you open yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities that go beyond your current experiences, and that is where the magic happens. Here are five ways that you can step out of your comfort zone and begin living a life of abundance:

  1. Change your circle. The saying goes that if you are the smartest person in your group, then you need to find a new group. Connect with people who will challenge you to stretch beyond your limitations. Attend networking events and connect with people who not only share your interests but are already doing the things that you want to do.
  2. Do something that scares you. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. When we fear something, it’s usually because we lack familiarity with that thing, and as a result, are not certain about the outcome. Because of this, we tend to magnify the negative outcome–failure, rejection, lackluster results–or we may even fear the positive outcome of success. However, we tend to find that once we begin doing that thing, we question what it was that was stopping us in the first place.  Don’t let fear paralyze you from getting to your next level. Embrace the fear and do it anyway!
  3. Step up. Abundance requires you to take on responsibilities above and beyond what you are currently doing. Take on a new challenge in your career or business. Find ways to outperform yourself on a regular basis. Take on a leading role in a project or endeavor.
  4. Put it on your calendar and promote it. Stop talking about it, be about it! If you’ve been saying that you’re going to do something but have yet to make it happen, commit to a date then quickly announce it. You know–that webinar or event you’ve been talking about hosting? Schedule it and send out the invites.  When you put a commitment out there, it makes you more accountable to showing up.
  5. Invest in yourself. You don’t know what you don’t know. Why not learn from someone who does? Knowledge is key to success. Whether that comes in the form of education, coaching, or mentoring, being willing to invest time and/or money into yourself is critical to getting to your next level.


 Alicia Bowens is a visionary expert, an IT, sought after speaker, author, coach, business owner, and radio host. She specializes in helping teen and single mothers achieve their dreams via her coaching programs, books, and workshops. Learn more about Alicia at and follow on Twitter @alicia_bowens.