Gettysburg Restaurant Short Staffed After Revealing New ‘Negro,’ ‘Caucasian’ Cocktails

Gettysburg Restaurant Short Staffed After Revealing New ‘Negro,’ ‘Caucasian’ Cocktails

They refused to serve customers this mess.

Workers of Mela Kitchen at Jack’s Hard Cider in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, were not up for the racist antics of their employer, Donald Hoffman, who decided to introduce “The Caucasian” cocktail and another mixed drink called “The Negro.”

According to Gettysburg Times, 25 employees have left the establishment since Hoffman revealed his plan on Friday, March 3, to add “The Caucasian,” a white-colored cocktail, to the menu (“Redneck Russian” was proposed as an alternate name), telling offended staff members there was more to come shortly before he released a black one called “The Negro.”

After now-former employees complained about his offensive gestures via email, they were threatened with being fired or told to seek employment elsewhere.

“Your team at Mela refuses to represent an establishment that is OK with this type of language,” said Megan Dietz, former front-of-house manager, claiming there would be a 4 p.m. walkout if Hoffman didn’t make necessary changes.

“In what worlds, do you think you can threaten your boss and expect not to be released, especially in a right-to-work state like Pennsylvania?” server Emily Kate Hessler claimed Hoffman said to her by phone.

People’s World reported that Hoffman rejected employees’ requests for a meeting.

“I cannot just tax and spend like the country that provides you the right to be outraged by the slightest thing,” Hoffman told one employee.

Reportedly, Hoffman was already known as problematic when he purchased the restaurant and bar in 2019 from the previous owners, where he was employed as a manager. The owner allegedly mistreated his employees emotionally and verbally, making sexist remarks and inappropriately touching male and female staff members.

“I’m not surprised an old white man thinks a staff not OK with racism are too sensitive,” a worker reportedly expressed on social media.

Currently, Mela Kitchen is short a general manager and chef de cuisine. The remaining eight staff members who work in the front aren’t even old enough to serve drinks to the restaurant’s customers.

Hoffman indicated plans to release more offensive menu items.

The restaurant issued an apology on March 8 concerning the matter.