Ace-Liam Nana Sam, Guinness World Records, youngest male painter

Ghanaian Toddler Crowned Guinness World Records’ Youngest-Ever Male Artist, Paintings Selling Rapidly

Since learning to walk and talk, Ace-Liam Nana Sam, who turns two in July, paints at his mini easel.

A toddler from Ghana has been named the world’s youngest artist by Guinness World Records. Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah, who was one year and 152 days old when he received the title, began painting when he was just six months old. His mother, Chantelle Kuukua Eghan, also an artist, introduced him to painting as a way to entertain him while she worked on a commissioned piece for Miss Universe 2023.

Eghan, a single mother, was surprised by what her infant son created as he crawled around in the colors on the canvas, aptly naming his first piece “The Crawl.” She noticed her son’s joy and fascination with the bright colors and was particularly impressed by his ability to choose complementary colors.

“His paintings show someone who is intrigued about discovering things,” Eghan told Guinness.

Since learning to walk and talk, Ace-Liam now asks to paint in their home studio, standing at his mini easel with his own apron and paint palette.

“Once he’s done, he says, ‘Mama finish,'” Eghan shared with Guinness. “Every painting is an expression of his curiosity and joy in discovering new things.”

Ace-Liam, who will turn two in July, quickly built a portfolio of colorful creations, and he has been exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana’s capital, Accra—nine of the 10 pieces sold at the exhibit. Ghana’s first lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, attended the exhibit and even commissioned a piece from him. Ace-Liam has sold 15 pieces, and an auction of his work is being planned.

After participating in a professional public exhibition and selling his work, Ace-Liam became eligible for the title of the world’s youngest artist, which he officially received on May 20. “When I opened the email, I just broke down and thanked God,” Eghan told the BBC.

She hopes that this recognition will allow her son to find scholarships to nurture his talents, provide opportunities to sell his art internationally and encourage others to foster children’s talents. “Every child is unique, and nurturing their passions can lead to amazing discoveries and achievements,” the proud mother told Guinness.

Despite his young age, Ace-Liam’s work has drawn comparisons to famous artists. His mother likens his abstract, color-rich paintings to those of Jackson Pollock.

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