Woman Brutally Assaults 13-Year-Old Girl At California McDonald’s

Woman Brutally Assaults 13-Year-Old Girl At California McDonald’s

Family members and the Southern California community have gathered around a 13-year-old girl who was violently beaten by an adult woman inside a Southern California McDonald’s Sept. 6, an incident that was  captured on video. 

According to reports, Kassidy Jones and her friends stopped at McDonald’s while returning from school. Jones parted from her friends to go to the bathroom, and as she walked out, a woman began staring at her. Jones recalled the woman seeming extremely upset for no apparent reason and saying, “What the f**k are y’all looking at? I fight kids. I fight you.”

The woman then suddenly lunged at Jones and began attacking her unprovoked. The grown woman, whom police are looking to identify, began pulling Jones’ hair and hitting her repeatedly. She forced the young girl to the ground and continued attacking her. Bystanders in the restaurant watched without doing anything until one man eventually jumped in to pull the assailant off. 

Jones’ mother, Angelina Gray, told ABC 7 that her daughter continues to suffer after the fight. 

“My daughter is hurting emotionally. She can’t sleep at night. She’s bruised…She doesn’t want to go to school because she’s tired of the kids and everybody asking her what happened and making fun of her,” she said. “It wasn’t a fight, it was a beating.”

Community members, including Gray, have called for the woman seen on video to turn herself in.

Additionally, the mother is asking for the McDonald’s managers to be charged for not stopping the beating on its premises.

Los Angeles police haven’t confirmed if any employees will be charged, but there is an ongoing investigation into the woman seen on video. She will be charged with child abuse and battery once she is apprehended. 

Young girls being assaulted by grown adults isn’t unique to Southern California.

In a Lawndale Chicago neighborhood, an 11-year-old girl was physically assaulted and verbally berated by two women. While the women were hosting a Mexican Independence Day celebration Sept.17, they noticed the young Black girl and began throwing racial slurs toward her. Trinity Washington was hit with bottles, punched, and verbally abused by the two adult women.

The injuries were so extensive that Washington required surgery for her right eye and orbital bones. The incident is currently being investigated. 

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