GloRilla, Joe Biden

Yeah Glo! GloRilla Hangs Out With Joe Biden At White House Women’s History Month Reception

GloRilla is on her Presidential wave as the rising rap star rubs shoulders with the Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

GloRilla is on her Presidential wave as the rising rap star rubs shoulders with the Commander in Chief, Joe Biden.

The Mississippi native was present for the White House Women’s History Month reception on Monday, March 18, where she hung out with the president and plugged her new single, “Yeah Glo!” In a clip shared to her Instagram, GloRilla stands alongside Biden and mouths her new single’s catchy hook but says “Joe” instead of “Glo.”

“Yeah Joe!” she says with a smile.

“Yeah well not Joe, but yeah you,” Biden replied, to which the rapper said, “Yeah Glo!”

Other photos showed her posing alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, sitting pretty inside the White House, and entering the building in a sleek gray gown. The visit seemingly got the 24-year-old Memphis rapper excited for the upcoming election as she campaigned for Biden in her Instagram caption, writing, “YEAH JOE 2024.”

The White House Women’s History Month reception followed Biden’s signing of an executive order to advance the study of women’s health through strengthened data collection and increased funding for biomedical research, PBS reported. He used the bill signing as an opportunity to accuse Republicans of having “no clue about the power of women” and warning how they were “about to find out” during the November election.

During the reception, Biden didn’t address Donald Trump by name but did call out “my predecessor” who had been “bragging about overturning” the Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion a constitutional right. As Biden prepares to square off against Trump once again, the president said the Republican candidate “can’t lead America with old ideas and take us backward.”

The vice president supported Biden in shaming “those who are intent on dragging us backward” when it comes to women’s rights.

“We all face a question: What kind of country do we want to live in?” Harris said. “A country of liberty, freedom, and rule of law? Or a country of disorder, fear, and hate?”

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