Goldman Sachs Asset Management Announces $2.25M Investment for BIPOC Students in Tech

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Announces $2.25M Investment for BIPOC Students in Tech

Underserved students need to connect to career opportunities in their industries — and Goldman Sachs is investing to make it happen.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the primary investing area within Goldman Sachs, committed to providing a $2.25 million grant to assist Black, LatinX, and Native American college graduates in the tech industry. Their commitment aims to connect students with industry professionals, mentors, and educators to provide them with the experience and skills needed to land careers upon graduating.

According to a press release, Goldman Sachs announced its premier sponsorship of the SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) Tech Developer founded in 1963 to provide underserved youth with exceptional educational and career opportunities.

SEO has been an innovator in building a diverse and inclusive workforce for almost 60 years. With tech growing rapidly as a competitive industry, Goldman Sachs partnered with Codio, a leading global developer of computer science curricula, and seeks to train students to enhance their existing tech skills while offering accessible exposure to industry professionals and opportunities.

“While tech is a high-growth industry, only 5% of tech employees at leading tech firms identify as Black, Latinx, or Native American,” explained Julian Johnson, executive vice president of SEO.

“We launched SEO Tech Developer to address the preparation gap facing historically underrepresented students by speeding the development of the technical and soft skills required for entry-level tech roles at leading companies,” he continued.

“At Goldman Sachs, we strongly believe that a diverse workforce is critical for business success and are committed to advancing racial equity across industries,” added Julian Salisbury, global co-head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and SEO board member.

The program is noted to have already supported over 130 sophomore computer science and engineering majors. The program’s 12-week approach teaches students skills across CSS, Flask, APIs, and more.