Golf & Tennis Challenge: Day 3 – Golf Etiquette, Green Tips for the Green

The Beginner Golf Academy Etiquette Workshop kicked off Saturday morning with PGA professional Rodney Green instructing participants on the basics of golf and technique. He gave advice on posture, swing, follow-through, and taught proper golf terminology. Here’s a little cheat sheet of things to keep in mind when you’re practicing on your own.

  1. When you finish your swing, your weight should be on your left side. Remember to keep your body facing the target.
  2. Remember to completely follow through on your swing and keep the momentum.
  3. Keep your spine angle constant throughout your swing.
  4. Hold your finish position. Don’t hit to it, hit through it.

Practicing correct form and with active tips from Green, the participants began to gain confidence that will, hopefully, build as they continue to engage in the sport.

Green made it a point to tell the participants about the importance of golf for building relationships, networking, and doing business. And he encouraged them to keep practicing, regardless of their level of expertise or skill, as golf can be utilized to contribute to quality of lifestyle.

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