Google Just Made Your Job Search Easier

Google Just Made Your Job Search Easier

Finding a new job can feel like a long and daunting process. After applying for dozens of job openings, you can go days, weeks, and even months before actually hearing back from a prospective employer. If and when you are fortunate enough to be called in for an interview, meeting a hiring manager can be nerve-racking and you run the risk of your interview turning into a disaster. On the other hand, if your interview happens to go well and you get a job offer, then you must consider several different factors before accepting such as whether you mesh with the company culture, the work environment, your commute, and if the compensation matches your expectations.

Google, however, is making the job search a little bit easier by addressing some of these common concerns. For instance, before you even apply for a job, you will be able to access the salary of a position as soon as you Google it. “Salary is an important factor in finding the right job—but by our estimate, this information is missing from over 85 percent of job postings in the U.S. today,” reads a statement from Google. “So to provide this essential information, we’re showing estimated salary ranges right alongside many jobs, based on the specific job title, location, and employer. These are drawn from sources across the web like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, Paysa and more. For those jobs that do have a salary listed, we’ll show a comparison to the estimated range for that job, if available.”

The search engine has also rolled out other cool new features to aid job seekers, including improved location settings and job application choices. Plus, in a couple of weeks, users will have the ability to save open job positions.

“Many job seekers tell us they want more control over the geography Google uses to find matching jobs for a search. To help, we’re now adding an easy way for you to tell Google what search area to use when finding jobs that match your query. Just click the “Location” filter, and you’ll see a range of distances, from two miles up to 200 miles or “anywhere” if you’re a bit more flexible. Once you select the distance that works for you, we’ll display postings only from the area you’re interested in—whether that’s walking distance from your home, or across the whole country,” states the announcement.

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