Rapper Yo-Yo Chefs It Up With New Cooking Show, ‘Downright Delicious’

Rapper Yo-Yo Chefs It Up With New Cooking Show, ‘Downright Delicious’

Yolanda Whitaker, better known as Yo-Yo, has launched a cooking show where she demonstrates how to achieve her favorite dishes, USA Today reports. From stuffed bell peppers to hearty shrimp and grits smothered in a rich gravy, Yo-Yo is dishing out her tips for making the most out of each meal, according to Aspire TV.

Yo-Yo, who is affectionately called Auntie Yo-Yo, was raised in South Central. Her break-out appearance came in 1990 when she appeared on rapper Ice Cube’s debut, “It’s A Man’s World.” From there, her career flourished. Yo-Yo went on to appear in the Oscar-nominated film Boyz in the Hood and several television shows, including Martin. Not only is Yo-Yo a star in the world of entertainment but she also mentors young girls ​​in the Intelligent Black Women’s Coalition. 

The Grammy-nominated MC announced the venture earlier this year. A special episode of the show premiered March 7, 2023 in celebration of Women’s History Month, according to Essence.

“I am excited to have a cooking show,” she told the publication in February. “The kitchen is my happy place, where I connect with my family and friends! It brings me great joy to hop in the kitchen and whip up delicious meals packed with flavor, and now my fans and the audience get to hang out with me!” 

Though her meals seem elaborate, Yo-Yo has made relatability a large selling point.

“I’m not a fancy chef…I’m Yo-Yo from around the way, who can throw down in the kitchen. No big fancy chef stuff!” she said. “But I promise you everything I make is downright delicious, and you will always have a good time.” 

Yo-Yo’s new show premiered June 6, 2023 on Aspire TV. She cooked up buttery brioche lobster rolls topped with shrimp. New episodes premiere every Tuesday on Aspire TV. 

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