Green Book Global Annouces ‘Black Travel Review Month’

Green Book Global Annouces ‘Black Travel Review Month’

In celebration of Green Book Global’s establishing “Black Travel Review Month,” the site is releasing tips and rankings of the best ways and places for Black people to voyage into the world.

Founded in 2018, the platform was inspired by the historical “Negro Motorist Green Book” that helped guide Black people safely across the United States.

“As I was traveling around the world, I noticed how difficult it was to determine what racism could be like or what my experience would be like in a destination as a black traveler. Knowing that other Black travelers have this same concern, I created Green Book Global,” said CEO and founder Lawrence Phillips in a statement re-shared by Thrillist.

The forum utilizes its website and social media accounts to provide insight for Black travelers on their journeys and create a communal hub where they can detail their experiences abroad.

Wanting to dismantle the gaps in Black international travel, and the discrimination faced, Green Book Global promotes worldwide exploration through knowledgable trips.

Their rankings of the best destinations for Black people were a diverse array of cities. While Dakar, Senegal, took the top spot, cities across the world, such as New Orleans and Panama City, Panama, made the top five.

For Black Travel Review Month, the platform is encouraging Black voyagers to post their authentic stories about international trips, including activities they would recommend and Black-owned businesses available to patron.

Green Book Global aspires to be the go-to source for diverse wanderers as they make informed decisions about their travels. In partnership with Expedia, reviewers could win big just by sharing detailed takes. Those who post onto the site will be eligible to score as much as $2,000 in OneKeyCash for their next big vacation.

Seasoned Black travelers who want to expand inclusivity can enter the contest here. Winners will be announced on the platform’s Instagram Live every Sunday.

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