Gregory Porter Readies for Global Shows of Album 'Liquid Spirit'
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Gregory Porter Readies for Global Shows with ‘Liquid Spirit’ LP

gregory porter jazz smiling

gregory porter jazz smilingJazz singer Gregory Porter has released his third album Liquid Spirit and prepares to travel the globe performing.

Uptown Magazine caught up with the artist to discuss his success.

On the eve of the release of his third studio album, Liquid Spirit, jazz singer Gregory Porter is selling out concerts from Vienna to Cape Town. And as he travels the world, he is often surprised when he creeps up on his own following.

“South Africa was extraordinary because I didn’t know I had a following there. My album was not distributed there,” says an incredulous Porter. “The venue of 3,000 was packed. The energy was incredible.”

The two-time Grammy-nominated baritone will drop down in Tokyo, Paris and Milan, among other international locales, as well as Stateside, before the 14-track album, which Porter calls a “soulful expression that’s about spirit, culture, music,” was released on September 17.