Style Suite: Haute Hair

Style Suite: Haute Hair

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With spring kicking off tomorrow, we here in the Style Suite have been thinking about how we can spruce things up. It’s a process I go through every season, analyzing my style and wardrobe and what I want my appearance to be for the new season ahead. For many of us that starts with new clothes but what about your hair?

Hair makes all the difference in a woman’s appearance. If you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for over 3-6 months, may I suggest a change. Something so simple can makes all the difference. Nothing makes my style feel fresher than a new hair style. It’s like my wardrobe has an all new life when I make a change to my hair. That doesn’t mean you have to do something drastic but consider different ways you can do your hair to revitalize your appearance.

As for me, when I want a sleek and polished look I tend to wear my hair straight and when I want something fun and edgy, I wear it in curls. I can wear the same outfit with the two different hairstyles and have 2 completely different looks.  The same goes for wearing your hair short or long, it affects your overall style and appearance.

As you are thinking about your new season of style, consider how your hair plays into that and how you can switch things up. Whether employing a cut or curl, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reviving your strands can invigorate your style.

This week in NYC, I’m kicking off Style with Eden (BodyWorks).  Known for their line of natural haircare products, Eden BodyWorks created the event to show the correlation between your fashion and hair style. Not to worry if you are not in NYC are, Style with Eden will pop up in cities across the country from Atlanta and Washington DC, to Chicago and LA. Look out for the event in your city and get first hand tips on how to work your style from head to toe.

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