Hairstylist Met With Internet Criticism For Adding Weave To Toddler’s Hair

A Los Angeles-based cosmetologist received backlash from the internet after weaving her 3-year-old daughter’s hair. 

The hairstylist outlined the process via TikTok, where she performed the step-by-step service on the child.

The mother who goes by Allthajazzglaminc stated that her daughter Cady used to pull at her hair leaving bald patches in the back and sides of her head.

The professional hairstylist decided to mask the bald spots by adding kinky textured hair extensions that closely matched the child’s natural hair.  

@allthatjazzglamincould you put a sew in in your toddlers hair?! I mean y’all are doing braids with braiding hair and beads and crochets so what’s the difference? She has only raw human hair in her head and it’s undetectable! We used @designessentials products for her shampoo and love how the Honey Crème adds a ton of humectants to her hair and allows our conditioner to seal in moisture. The (1/4) of a bundle was the deep curly texture from @theglamstrand Cady LOVED the outcome!♬ original sound – ALL THAT JAZZ GLAM INC

The mother gave a detailed explanation of how she added the weave to her daughter’s hair pointing out that she was careful not to add extra tension to her three-year-old’s scalp. 

The mom said wanted to give her child an age-appropriate hairstyle. 

“We’re not trying to add super length, we’re not trying to give grown, we are trying to give three-year-old” the mother said in the now-viral video. 

Social media users were quick to share their disdain for the mother’s decision and the hairstyle for various reasons. Some expressed the sew-in technique would cause damage to the little girl’s scalp while others deemed the weave to be unnecessary for a child of that age. 

“Nothing is wrong with babies being bald. They’re babies. It’s adorable,” said Twitter user @Darkskinellie1

 Already projecting your insecurities on a baby is crazy.”  said @bitbyawolfvia on Twitter 

The stylist also received a tremendous amount of support from social media users.  

“Cady’s Hair looks super cute and she looks happy. Great job, mom,” said Instagram user Youplusfabulous.

These mixed reactions are par for the course. Hair has always been a sensitive issue for Black women and girls, but the TikiTok mom seems to be taking all the critique in stride

“Opinions are Opinions but as a tenured cosmetologist, I know what I’m doing. We’re excited to show you guys the growth,” she said. 

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