‘Harlem’ Actress Jerrie Johnson Accuses Film Director Marc Cayce of Sexual Assault and Misgendering

Actress Jerrie Johnson refuses to let men get away with sexual assault.

The co-star of Amazon Prime’s Harlem took to her Instagram account accusing film director Marc Cayce of touching her inappropriately. A source reported that Johnson was attending a movie premiere after-party when a friend introduced her to Cayce. Things got weird almost instantly, according to Johnson. “I tell him what show I’m on about three times, tell him it’s nice to meet him, exchange info and he whispered in my ear,” Johnson recalled. He also went on to misgender the actress.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings brother and I said my feelings don’t get hurt and why are you calling me brother? I’m not a brother. And this man proceeded to pinch my nipple. It was disgusting and so inappropriate.”

The 29-year-old said the film director did the same thing to a friend of hers that was attending the same party. “And then I told another friend what happen and she told me that he unconsentually smacked her a** when she walked by him.”

Her claims sent her fans over to Cayce’s Instagram page to flood his comment section, which now seems to have been turned off. Johnson, who identifies as a queer and non-binary, continued on her story to say she’s not going to let the Hollywood life let people get away with things. “Listen, I’m the wrong one. I don’t care about LA culture or industry culture or any of that,” Johnson said, according to a source. “You should not be touching people inappropriately for ANY REASON.”

Cayce is best known for his short film, Nikita Blues, released in 2000. The film was released on HBO and received critical acclaim. He’s also known to have allegedly launched the careers of actresses Essence Atkins, Kat Graham, and comedian Brandon T. Jackson.