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HBCU ‘Fit Check’ Queen Highlights Fashion-Forward Looks On The Yard

As "Fit Checks" grow across the HBCU community, its impact on the culture cannot be underestimated.

The “Fit Check” queen is highlighting the fashions made famous on HBCU campuses. Jeskell “Skell” Creecy detailed her journey to becoming an online sensation.

Creecy, a Winston-Salem State alumna, started with her viral “Sit With Skell” clips. In the videos, Creecy would ask students at HBCU sporting events to display their outfits through these “fit checks.” She spoke to HBCU GameDay about how her brand came into fruition, and what she hopes to accomplish next.

“During the pandemic, I did a reel called my favorite outfit from WSSU Homecoming,” explained Creecy. “It wasn’t even titled ‘Fit Check,’ but it went viral. I didn’t expect other schools to want it, but they did.” 

Finding her internet niche, Creecy intends to travel to other HBCUs during their homecomings to keep the fit checks going. In her eyes, this is a marketable way to showcase one’s pride in their school and fashionable tastes.

@sitwithskell I love pulling up the #HBCU #Homecomings and documenting people who #PTSO. But it hits different when it’s at your alma mater @wssu1892 🤎 Who do you think #PTSO the best?!!! #HBCU #HOMECOMING #wssu #winstonsalemstateuniversity #hbcuhomecoming #hbcuhomecomingszn #hbcugrad #hbcupride #hbcualumni #hbcufashion #hbculife #hbcutiktok #fashiontiktok #fashioninspo #fashiontok #styleinspo #styletok #ootd ♬ First Person Shooter – Drake

“Black people have always been synonymous with fashion and clothes,” she elaborated. “Every HBCU is the Mecca for everything fashion, music, everything moving forward. It started with black culture, so that’s why it has to be an HBCU.” 

As “Fit Checks” grows across the HBCU community, its impact on the culture cannot be underestimated. Creecy currently hopes that her talents will even take her to the BET Awards, deemed “Culture’s Biggest Night, next year.

@sitwithskell You have to be prepared for weather , location changes , multiple outfits in a day , drink spills, someone having on your clothes, and everything in between when it comes to a #HBCU #HOMECOMING. How many outfits did you bring (or are planning to bring) to your Homecoming? #wssu #winstonsalemstateuniversity #hbcuhomecoming #hbcuhomecomingszn #hbcugrad #hbcupride #hbcualum #hbcualumni #hbcufashion #hbculife #hbcutiktok #fashiontiktok #fashioninspo #fashiontok #styleinspo #styletok #ootd ♬ Afrobeat – FASSounds

In the meantime, Creecy plans to attend Spelhouse, FAMU, and Howard’s famed homecomings to see what their students are rocking on the yard. However, the proud graduate of WSSU is making sure her alma mater makes this highly-anticipated tour.

She added, “I just think that this year is going to be so big for ‘Fit Check,’ and I’m definitely bringing it back to Winston-Salem State.”

As her content grows, the “Fit Check” queen continues to showcase the vibrant fashions and creativity fostered within the HBCU community.

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