Inside the Health and Fitness Regimen of President Barack Obama and The First Lady

Inside the Health and Fitness Regimen of President Barack Obama and The First Lady

President Barack Obama is one of the world’s most powerful men. With this title comes the load of being quite busy managing the affairs of the free world, the First Family and ……his food and fitness. I caught up with Cornell McClellan, trainer to the First Family and member of the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition, and Chef Daniel W. Thomas, celebrity chef to the world’s most powerful appetites and Regional Executive Chef for the American Diabetes Association, to find out how our President and First Lady manage to stay so fit despite their whirlwind of a schedule.

Managing a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine can be tough in the busy lifestyle of any professional. Even with the hectic job of President of the United States, McClellan says the Obamas try to workout daily for at least an hour. McClellan keeps their routine well-rounded, working on functional training, cardiovascular training and flexibility. “We might go from weights to interval training, [and incorporate] movements of the body from all angles such as boxing and kicking…”.

Just as with any other person, McClellan says that sometimes things “come up” and a workout has to be cancelled or cut short. According to McClellan, the Obamas take short workout routines with them while traveling, and he emphasized “the shorter the time, the greater the intensity [of the workout]”.

McClellan also notes that when time is short with the Obamas, he will usually limit rest times and really mix it up by incorporating sprints, weight lifting, body weight movements, weighted rope jumping, and medicine ball exercises.

When asked to provide one piece of advice for the busy professional struggling to balance work and personal life with an active and healthy lifestyle, McClellan responded, “Don’t find time, make time and commit. Know that when you are fit and healthy everything will improve…”.

When it comes to President Obama’s diet, no one healthily satiates this powerful appetite better than Chef Daniel Thomas. Chef Thomas was Head Chef to the United States Senate, all Foreign Heads of State and Dignitaries, Vice President Biden, and President Barack Obama while visiting the Capitol. With a new cooking TV show in the works and a new book titled Recipes For a New You! Healthy Eating At Its Best, he sure knows how to keep a busy professional on a clean diet.

During the Inaugural Brunch, Chef Thomas prepared poached salmon, steamed broccoli and brown rice for President and First Lady Michelle Obama. He notes that although he cooks for some pretty powerful people, they are still regular people that like regular food.

His most favorite healthy and quick meal that he prepared for President Obama during a meeting with the Democratic Senators at the Capitol, was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. “[The President] thought it was delicious!”

When asked about his clean eating tips for the busy professional, Chef Thomas noted, “It’s OK to push the plate away and listen to your body when it says no more.” He also suggested these tips:

When at a restaurant have the server box up half of the food so you only see and eat half.

Pack your lunch and snacks for the day, filled with protein.

Do not eat a large dinner because you will become a couch potato by the end of the meal.

Try not to eat 3 hours before your bed time.

Avoid sugary beverages and drink more water.

If the world’s most powerful man can manage to balance a healthy active lifestyle, than so can any busy professional. Set your mind to it and make it happen! After all, you can’t feed million-dollar ideas on a dollar menu diet and your creative juices won’t move until you do!

The #DreamJobDreamBody series highlights inspirational professionals and their journeys to manage hectic professional and personal responsibilities with healthy and active lifestyles.

BE Health and Wellness Contributor, Deanna Jefferson is a Celebrity Trainer, Health & Fitness Expert, NIKE trainer and Owner of Fab Body Factory. Tweet with her at @deannajefferson.