Here are 12 podcasts creating safe spaces for Black Women

Here are 12 podcasts creating safe spaces for Black Women

It’s February! So, In honor of this year’s Black history month, I decided to put together a list of 12 amazing podcasts created for Black Women by Black Women. That means as of this month, it is important to prioritize self in a new way with a community of women learning how to do the same. Whether it is dating & friendship advice, self-care tips, Business coaching, or acknowledging the contemporary struggles of Black Women. These Podcasts are empowering women to celebrate themselves in every season of their journey.

1. To My Sisters The Podcast 

To my sister’s podcast

Hosted by Cambridge University alumna and CEO of CDB London, Courtney Daniella Boateng and a two-time graduate of Harvard University and Oxford Alumna, and digital creator, Renee Kapuku. The “To My Sisters Podcast” is created for women seeking genuine support and sisterhood. These online sisters are giving women the tools to have fulfilling friendships, disciplined lifestyles, fruitful relationships, and healed transformative lives.


2. Slay Girl Slay 



Slay Girl Slay 

Hosted by Northern Illinois University Alumna, former recruiting coordinator, and driven entrepreneur, Ashley LeggsThe “Slay Girl Slay Podcast” is truly a conversation from one homegirl to another. This podcast is created to celebrate individuality and encourage the dream chaser, and together create the joyful life you want to live.

3. The Love Letter Project 

The love letter podcast

Hosted by creative coach, artist, and digital creator Alecia Renece. “The Love Letter Project” is a dedicated heartfelt tribute to Black Women. She advocates for the reassurance, peace, and self-awareness of Black people through soulful conversation. 

4. Women Evolve 

Women Evolve

Hosted by bestselling author, businesswoman, pastor, and media personality Sarah Jakes Roberts. The “Woman Evolve Podcast” is a safe space for healing, guidance, and wisdom. Through her personal experiences and special guest appearances, this podcast is made for women going through transitional periods of life.


5. NWAffirmations 


NWAffirmations audio is reprograming the way Black women and men internalize trauma and self-identity through positive messaging. Whether you are starting your day or ending it, NWAffirmations is teaching Black people how to affirm and love themselves.


6. CockTales: Dirty Discussions 

CockTales: Dirty Discussions

Hosted by reality tv star and digital creator Medinah Monroe and serial entrepreneur and media personality Kiara “KiKi” Alexandra. The “CockTales Podcast” is delivering unfiltered conversations on hot topics like dating and sex with humor.


7. Relationsh*t With Kamie Crawford 

Relationsh*t W/ Kamie Crawford

Hosted by tv personality and co-host on MTV’s popular tv show Catfish, Kamie Crawford. The “Relationsh*t Podcast” is based on her personal experiences mixed with expert advice from time to time. Her mission is to guide women on how to navigate the ups and downs of relationships, dating tips, and a path to self-awareness through meaningful lighthearted conversations.


8. Pepp Talk Podcast 

Pepp Talk Podcast

Hosted by speaker, transformation coach, and digital creator Breeny Lee. “The Pepp Talk Podcast” is helping women live happy and whole lives. Her honesty and insightful advice are teaching women the importance of prioritizing their mental health, setting healthy boundaries, and how to navigate the dating scene.


9. Mahogany Pink 

Mahogany Pink

Mahogany Pink is a collective of video essays on YouTube exploring topics like colorism, featurism, the complexity of dating culture, and the subconscious exceptions forced on Black women. This channel provides a complete cultural reset focused on the empowerment and self-care of all Black women.


10. Chrissie


Hosted by digital creator and intellectual Chrissie. This platform is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of dark-skinned Black women. Whether it is colorism, dating, corrective promotion, or femininity advice. Chrissie provides introspective commentary on the contemporary struggles Black women face in every social medium.


11. For Harriet

For Harriet

Hosted by Harvard alumna, writer, and recognized cultural critic Kimberly N. Foster. “For Harriet” is a multi-platform digital community created for Black women. This podcast analyzes and explores the complexity of Black womanhood in media, Black feminism, toxic masculinity in the Black community, and much more.

12. Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro

Hosted By two-time graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and seasoned entrepreneur, Nicaila Matthews Okome. The “Side Hustle Pro” podcast is helping Black women reevaluate the way they understand business. From the corporate office to full-time podcaster, Nicaila is using her own professional experience to spotlight and coach Black women on how to become successful women in business.