Here’s Groupon For Black-Owned Businesses

When it comes to small businesses, especially black-owned businesses, it can be hard to advertise their services. Black-owned businesses especially go through this because of certain negative stereotypes such as lacking in customer service.

However, one black business owner, Danielle McGee, seeks to change this. McGee is the founder of Black Business Boom, which is a rising e-commerce marketplace that caters to small businesses owned by black people. According to, McGee believes “we must create actionable ways to dispel the myths and bridge the gap between black-owned businesses and consumers” in order for black-owned businesses to truly thrive and grow.

McGee also believes that “it’s not enough to motivate consumers to support black-owned businesses through social movements. It’s critical that black business owners understand how to retain customers and have access to resources that will help them excel in today’s marketplace.”

Through this service, owners will have the opportunity to grow their businesses by offering coupons and other incentives to potential customers across the country. Black Business Boom has now launched a brand-new mobile app on iOS and Android in order to continue to help businesses construct a list of loyal customers.

According to, the app features approximately 400 businesses that operate in various industries such as food, health, beauty, home, auto, and lifestyle. Owners can register at three different price levels that feature a number of benefits such as “high conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction, and increased brand awareness.” Customers can also earn rewards with customized loyalty programs.

With this new app, black owners have the opportunity to build a loyal customer base online and offline. As McGee states, “I started Black Business Boom because black-owned businesses typically have less access to funding, which consequently limits their ability to spend money on marketing, our platform is an affordable way for small business owners to generate revenue while attracting loyal customers.”