Here’s How to Finally Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions

Here’s How to Finally Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions

So you decided 2016 was the year you were finally going to get fit. But your will is waning. Well here’s your pep talk for sticking to those fitness resolutions–from two of the biggest fitness personalities on the net: certified trainer and health and fitness advocate Lita Lewis, a.k.a. Follow the Lita, and certified trainer and licensed cheerleading coach Deanna Jefferson of #TeamFabBody.

Rocking the fitness resolutions
“I’ve always said if you’re sick and tired of starting over, then stop giving up! It’s all about consistency,” says Lewis.

“Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic expectations; ease your way into a new routine. Health and fitness should be adopted as a healthy lifestyle, so plan your schedule, start by incorporating things you love, and enjoy the journey of adapting to a new healthier lifestyle. Your chances of consistency increase significantly.”

Jefferson echoes the importance of setting realistic expectations. “You can get overwhelmed and discouraged when the goal is too lofty. Take baby steps.”

She also suggests you keep revisiting the initial motivation by posting pictures or notes in spaces you frequent or typing goals into your passwords. And don’t forget to share your goals.

Finding time for fitness
Even busy professionals have no excuse. “Shoot for morning workouts so you don’t get distracted later in the day,” says Jefferson. “Schedule them the week before. And remember: Something is always better than nothing.”

Lewis recommends a little out-of-the box thinking. “If you find it near impossible to get to your gym, I suggest doing something fun and active with your family members,” she says, adding that it could be as simple as an evening power walk or a game of touch football.

Staying fit in the office
Jefferson warns against common offenders such as skipping breakfast and indulging in office “goodies.” Both trainers advocate some kind of stretching or workout at your desk.

“I have used my chair to perform tricep dips and push-ups,” says Lewis. “If you don’t mind looking a little crazy, I’d suggest creating a circuit–high knees in one spot, along with body squats, and Russian twists for abs.”

And if you’re a road warrior, don’t forget to book a hotel with a gym or pack resistance bands or a jump rope.

Looking beyond weight loss
Working out is not just about losing weight. “I’ve always encouraged folks to look beyond the physical and look to acquiring strength,” Lewis says. “I’ll always promote and encourage athleticism over everything: look good, feel good, perform better.”

Being stronger is just one of the many reasons to adopt a fit lifestyle. Adds Jefferson: “Fitness is a dose of ‘feel better.’ It can improve your mood, ward off disease, boost energy, and improve sleep. The benefits are plenty.”