Here’s How Women of Color Can Become Business Angel Investors – Apply Now

Pipeline Angels, an angel investment syndicate that aims to change the face of angel investors and create capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs, is opening it’s doors to its 2019 summer angel investing bootcamp.

Since their launch in April 2011, over 300 members have graduated from the organization’s angel investing bootcamp and have invested more than $5 million in over 50 companies. Pipeline Angels members serve as the friends and family round for entrepreneurs who may not already have support at that critical stage.

“As a Black woman in tech, I was searching for a way to disrupt the perception of what tech superstars look like.” said Lisha Bell, member of Pipeline Angels and product manager at Braintree. “When I discovered Pipeline Angels, I thought, ‘This organization gets it,'” 

Pipeline Angels opened the door and provided me access to a world I had no access to despite my success and credentials. Being championed in a pivotal role in an industry that can be so unwelcoming to people who look like me or come from where I came from was so refreshing. This space needs more of us and I’m proud to support the mission.”

So what is the criteria to apply? 

  • Woman or femme (we encourage anyone who identifies with womanhood–cis, trans, non-binary–to apply)
  • Meeting one of the accredited investor definitions (i.e., US$200K in income or US$300K joint income with a spouse for the past two years, or US$1M net worth) 
  • Interest in a group learning model
  • Passion for social entrepreneurship

They are currently looking for applicants for in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, San Diego, San Juan (Puerto Rico), and Seattle.

Pipeline Angels has a rolling application process, however, priority will be given to candidates who fill out our short online application before Monday, April 29, 2019.