DeVynne Starks (Co Founder/ CMCO), Jillian Anderson (Founder/CTO)

HERide Founders Secured Historic Partnership With Busiest Airport In The World

HERide offers women travelers in Atlanta a safe option for public transportation and compensates drivers with 80% of the fare.

HERide co-founders Jillian Anderson and DeVynne Starks have been holding it down for Atlanta travelers as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s first Black-owned rideshare company.

As the platform expands, Anderson and Starks ensure that both HERide riders and drivers are cared for. “There were a lot of women that were hesitant with riding with men at night using Uber and Lyft. I realized that this was just a consistent problem that those platforms did not have any intention of solving. So I decided to solve it myself,” Anderson, 31, chief technology officer, recently told Afrotech.

An upcoming profit-sharing model is in discussion for development once the company exceeds its goal of 1,000 drivers securing a minimum of 10 rides per week. The plan will give drivers a share in the company’s profits. Their share of the earnings would be tied to the firm’s quarterly or yearly profit performance. The amount each driver receives would be determined by their specific tier or level within the driver hierarchy.

Current HERide drivers receive 80% of the rideshare fare as compensation. “We want the drivers to feel valued and understand that they are the backbone of the business but also that they feel a part of the growth that we are in right now,” said Starks, 29, co-founder and chief of marketing and communications officer.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which Airport Technology reported as the busiest airport in the world, began its partnership with the female-focused rideshare company on Sept. 1, 2023. “At ATL, we are committed to providing an inclusive and secure travel experience for all customers,” Deputy General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer Jai Ferrell said at the time, according to Atlanta News First. “The introduction of HERide is a significant step towards fulfilling that commitment and contributes to the welcoming and accommodating environment we provide for everyone who passes through our airport.”

As previously mentioned by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the Atlanta-based company of all-women drivers launched with a mission to provide an empowering and protective experience for women taking public transportation. HERide prioritizes women’s safety through its transportation platform, providing jobs and financial security.

Download HERide on the App Store or Google Play and catch a ride in Atlanta or Athens, Georgia.