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Holding the Ad Industry Accountable to Black Consumers

Earl G. Graves Sr., Chairman & Publisher, Black Enterprise

But don’t allow that progress to convince you that the battle to ensure that black consumers are recognized and valued has been won. Amazingly, even in 2011, there are companies that still don’t get it and others that welcome black consumer dollars–as long as they don’t have to actually pay to get your business. Want a list of the companies that do get it, that are serious about investing to reach you via the media that represent and inspire you? Just check to see who purchases advertising and sponsorship with black enterprise and other media dedicated to serving African American audiences. If you spend money on a major brand-name product or service that you never see advertised in black media, you need to ask why.

Of course, I am proud of Black Enterprises four-decade-plus record of serving as an advocate and providing a showcase for black executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others who believe in our Wealth for Life mission. But, I take even greater pride in an aspect of the media business that is equally if not more important: fighting to ensure that African American consumers are respected, valued, and taken seriously by American corporations and the advertising industry.