Holiday Gifts With The LBGTQ+ Community in Mind

Holiday Gifts With The LBGTQ+ Community in Mind

Originally Published Dec. 18, 2021

Members of the LBGTQ+ community want to be celebrated and recognized outside of Pride Month in June. They are our friends, co-workers, and family members 365 days a year, so getting them a generic gift is a no, no, no! If you’re still racking your brain on what to gift your LGBTQ+ friends, Amazon has an infinite amount of unique items! Here a few that will tickle your your pal’s fancy!

FITZ Queer Agenda Card Game 

This card game is fun and spontaneousand goes well with margaritas! The game is simple. Each round, one person picks a question card and the other players throw out their best answer card to complete it! The sassiest and funniest answer wins!

Pride Pullover Hoodie  

Make a statement without making a sound n this cool and comfy hoodie. This gift is perfect for a member of LBGQT+ community, or anyone who supports them. Put this in your Amazon cart for Christmas, or anytime of the year to stand in solidarity.

Transgender Pride LGBT Pride Month Gift LGBTQ Pullover Hoodie (Amazon)

UNO Play with Pride Card Game  

It’s the same game we all grew up on that is sure to start a party (and a little shade throwing because people try to change the rules on a whim)! In a special Pride edition with a rainbow design that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, Mattel has partnered with the non-profit , the It Gets Better Project, to bring forth this version of the classic game. 

UNO Play with Pride Card Game (Amazon)

Transgender Self Care Journal  

This journal is a great way to start 2022. Practice healthy and sustainable ways to push back against challenges, claim your own space in the world, and strengthen your sense of self-worth and self-love with writing prompts and self-care exercises to help your loved one feel good in the new year!

Transgender Self Care Journal (Amazon)

2 Grooms 2 Be Wedding Organizer  

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but this planner takes out all the guesswork. With over 100 pages it contains a table seating planner, wedding expense trackers for every aspect of wedding planning, groom’s checklist, guest lists, vendor contact sheets, and so much more for up to 12 month!

2 Grooms 2 Be (Wedding Planner) (Amazon)