Hot Jobs: 5 Steps to Becoming a Recruiter

Hot Jobs: 5 Steps to Becoming a Recruiter

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Corporate recruiters are one of the most valuable assets to a company, but make no mistake that a lot of pressure comes along with the position. From sorting through resumes to conducting interviews and finally picking the right talent to fill a job, being a corporate recruiter is a position that holds a lot of weight and below are five steps you can take to help become a successful talent seeker.

Earn a college degree in human resources: Earning a degree in HR will provide you with the foundation and background needed to know what to look for when sorting through resumes and seeking out talent. It will also provide you with knowledge of some of the challenges that come along with the field and how to respond to these challenges as a recruiter.

Join organizations for HR professionals: One of the best ways to mingle with professionals of the same career field as you is to join an organization or association that focuses on that industry. Whether it’s a national organization or local one, your membership will likely put you in the know about more job opportunities and networking events that will help you further your career.

Obtain an internship or entry-level position in an HR department: Having HR work experience will give you far more real-world professional experiences than any classroom can teach you. Getting out and doing the work in your field will teach you how to interact with professionals in your career and it will also help you build mentoring relationships with those who know more about the business than you.

Get tech savvy: In an era of the internet and social networks, having an online presence is a must as a corporate recruiter. Last year, Forbes reported on how useful LinkedIn is to the job of a recruiter, stating that LinkedIn revenues in the corporate recruiting market are higher than any other company that sells recruiting solutions, indicating that the social networking site is a go-to source for those seeking out talent.

Gain HR certification: Having certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) after your name will not only give you an extra edge amongst other professionals in your field, but it will also show employers that you are serious about a long-term career in HR. According to HR Certification Institute, 50 percent of recruiters prefer those with HR certification and that business leaders find HR certified professionals to be more self-motivated.