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Family Seeks Justice As Houston Police Withhold Details In Domestic Violence Murder Case

The Houston Police Department has drawn criticism following its untimely response to a Black woman's call for help before her death.

A Houston woman’s family is calling for justice after her murder and the Houston Police Department’s inadequate response, ABC 13 reports.

Robin Simpson was killed on Nov. 1., and her husband, Michael Simpson, Jr. has been charged with the crime. The attack took place in front of the couple’s 8-year-old daughter. Addie Farrell, the victim’s mother, spoke to ABC 13 about the assault.

“My daughter’s body was stabbed over 60 times,” she said. “I asked the coroner for pictures before they had to cremate her because my daughter’s body couldn’t be embalmed because he destroyed all of the arteries, and I wanted them to know just what he did.”

Following the murder, Simpson, Jr. stabbed himself but recovered. He is currently facing charges for murder and aggravated assault. 

Robin’s family has questioned the police’s response time and allege that, rather than enter the home as the attack was occurring, law enforcement instead remained outside.

“Robin called the police about her husband running around the house with a knife having suicidal thoughts and they were pulling up as her call dropped,” said Michelle Martin, Robin’s sister, in a post on Change.org. “Robin called the police twice as she was being chased and attacked. The one officer got there he waited outside the house for the other officer to arrive before they went out back. We want to know how long did it take from her call till the first officer arrived till the 2nd officer arrived.” 

According to ABC 13, an officer did not go inside until the couple’s daughter ran outside, saying, “Daddy is stabbing Mommy.” The victim’s daughter has been relocated to Philadelphia, where the family is from. “She still wakes up about that time that it happened because it is here in her head, and she is here with her family, and we are all supporting her,” Farrell said. The family has shared that the Houston Police Department refuses to release the audio for Robin’s 911 calls and the time of the officers’ arrival.

Media outlets including ABC13 have also requested additional details via open records requests to learn more about the officers’ response time, but were denied. The Houston Police Department released a statement to the Attorney General’s office, claiming that such information would interfere with the ongoing investigation. However, Eyewitness News announced plans to counter this decision.

Robin’s family has created a petition on Change.org to revoke Simpson Jr.’s bail, which is set at $340,000. “The legal system’s response to such heinous crimes should be firm and uncompromising. Granting bail to individuals who have committed such brutal acts sends a dangerous message about our society’s tolerance towards domestic violence,” the petition reads. 

“Michael’s father Michael Simpson Sr. has retained a law firm in Houston, retained Power of Attorney for his son and is now trying to help his son get bond because they have the means to do so,” it continues. “Ignoring the fact that his granddaughter was traumatized as she watched her father brutally kill her mother. Her own grandfather is willing to traumatize his own granddaughter as he knows she is extremely afraid her father will come and try to kill her.” 

As the family awaits further information surrounding Robin’s murder, they are requesting help to retain an attorney.

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