Hov Did: Damson Idris Talks Jay-Z Sponsoring His Green Card And Supporting “So Many People”

Hov Did: Damson Idris Talks Jay-Z Sponsoring His Green Card And Supporting “So Many People”

We’re all getting ready to say goodbye to Franklin Saint but Damson Idris is here to stay and it seems we may have Jay-Z to thank for that.

In a new episode of 360 with Speedy Morman, the Snowfall actor got real about his life and the road that led him to retire our favorite narcotics dealer after six beloved seasons—including a very special favor from Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

Morman asked the 31-year-old actor if it were true that the Brooklyn icon was a reference for his green card.

“He was”, he said before positing, “how could you possibly know that?” He went on to say that he asked the rapper to vouch for him, something that Idris said was just the start of the support from Jay-Z.

“He’s done many things for me over the years, he’s always supported me”, the British-born actor said, “he supports everyone.”

Apparently, the rapper’s good deeds extend beyond Damson.

“He supports so many people that you don’t even know,” he said. “Genuinely, I should tell everyone this right now: if you ever run into Jay-Z, just say thank you and keep it moving. He is definitely a pioneer of the culture and of everything. I’ve never told him this but he’s a huge idol of mine. Thank you for that reference.”

Along with Jay-Z, LeBron James’ childhood friend and sports industry disruptor, Rich Paul, also played a role in getting Damson Idris into the country.

“Those guys are really like my big brothers”, he shared, “I’ll be in Miami at like 12 a.m. and I’m like,, ‘Yo I want to go to Carbone and Hov will get on FaceTime like, (in a Jay-Z impression) ‘Damson, you gotta win a couple more Emmys before you can call me at 11:30′ and then boom reservation made. It’s amazing to have giants like that who have your back.”

The interview, which also delved into Idris’ private life with new girlfriend Lori Harvey, is part of Complex‘s ‘Complex Covers’ collection.