How a Loved One's Suicide Drove Aisha Nikole's Passion to Help Others

How a Loved One’s Suicide Drove Aisha Nikole’s Passion to Help Others Unlock their Purpose, Power and Potential

Aisha Nikole
(Image: Aisha Nikole)

Suicide often has a lasting effect on the victim’s loved ones. In the case of entrepreneur Aisha Nikole, her brother’s suicide precipitated her mission to become a life coach. Through her work, she launched Powerology Institute, which helps people unleash their purpose, power, and potential.

BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke to the author of Powerology: A Self-Teaching Guide on Modern Personal Development (Volume 1) about her purpose, her businesses, and what keeps her going.

Being a life coach is something that can help drastically improve someone’s life and well-being. How does it feel to be in a position to uplift a person to the point of turning their life around? What, if any, are some of the difficulties?

It feels extremely rewarding, to say the least. I can’t think of any more gratifying work than to be involved with people as they are moving from where they are to where they want to be, in accomplishing their dreams and goals.

I’ve grown to accept that with anything in life, your success and how that looks to you is solely dependent on what you believe. It can be frustrating or difficult when you are working with someone who has all the potential in the world but you can’t get them to break past their limiting beliefs. It has to click when it clicks for each individual. And even with that, it’s still rewarding to be there, because you know one day it will click.

What prompted you to launch Powerology Institute? What is it about and how does one get involved?

I was actually a part of a high-level mastermind program and had been actively coaching for about a year and was going into a rebrand. After leaving the program, I really started doing a deep dive into why I was so passionate about helping other people maximize their potential and it always led back to my brother. I will never forget how powerless he felt in life trying to navigate as a young Black man without his father. After my brothers’ tragic suicide, I made it my purpose to help anyone I could find their inner power.

I believe self-mastery is the place where we unlock our power. As soon as we discover who we are, we are free, capable, and powerful. Powerology Institute is a personal and professional program designed to help others unlock their purpose, power, and potential. There are several options on how to get involved. I have different pathways, courses, and also offer one-on-one individualized coaching.

As an entrepreneur, what gives you the motivation to run your businesses? What other ventures are you involved in?

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to turn my passions into profits, while still helping people. It’s not always been easy, but I’ve learned to look at my setbacks as setups for greater success. The possibilities of creating meaningful change in people’s lives keep me motivated. I recently launched my signature luxury fragrance from my Aisha Nikole Collection and I am currently building that brand in the beauty industry.

What suggestions would you give anyone who is trying to be on a successful path similar to yours in starting their own business?

I would advise them to seek out a coach or a mentor if possible. Granted these are assets to find; do not not start if you don’t have one. Learn to trust yourself and your abilities. Never stop challenging yourself. Challenges help entrepreneurs stay agile. Ask questions. I think sometimes the biggest mistake we make in business Is being afraid of asking questions we don’t know. Ask away. And last but not least, just start!! You’re going to learn so much along the way. I don’t like to call it failure, it’s all learning lessons. Starting is half the battle, besides, you’ll never know what the outcome of something could be unless you try.

What should we anticipate seeing from Aisha Nikole in the future? Is there anything in the works or any dream projects that may be developed soon?

I’m going to continue to grow both my businesses. My long-term goal for Powerology Institute is to have a personal and professional training center for young adults. As for Aisha Nikole Collection, I would really love to see every woman of color owning a bottle of Aisha Nikole Eau de Parfum. I plan to continue to build that brand and add more signature products. I’m just trying to grow an empire that my kids could be proud of.