How Comcast is Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs During #BlackBusinessMonth

How Comcast is Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs During #BlackBusinessMonth

In addition to the quality products, content, and experiences Comcast creates, the media giant has made it a priority to help amplify Black voices in a way that promotes diversity, entrepreneurship, and representation for people of color.

Keesha Boyd, the executive director of Multicultural TV/Film at Comcast, has helped spearhead many of the multicultural initiatives at the telecommunications company, including the recently launched Black Experience on Xfinity that serves as a platform for emerging Black content creators and a hub for authentic stories representing Black culture.

After seeing how badly the pandemic impacted Black-owned businesses, Comcast launched Comcast RISE in late 2020. RISE, which stands for the “Representation, Investment, Strength and Empowerment” of businesses owned by people of color, aims to give small minority-run businesses the resources needed to continue success well into the future.

Through RISE, Boyd is proud to highlight three Black business owners benefitting from Comcast’s initiatives toward emerging Black businesses.

Meet Michael Maponga, the founder of AfroLandTV, a free online streaming service for premium African movies and TV for the world to discover authentic stories and originality from Africa. After taking part in Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, AfroLandTV is reaching 50+ million people through its channel distribution partnerships with XUMO, Plex, Local Now, and is also featured on Black Experience on Xfinity.

The CEO of Black & Sexy TV, Dennis Dortch, created the first Black streaming service with original content all produced and developed in-house. After three years of operating only on YouTube, the platform is also available on Black Experience on Xfinity.

Ashley Taylor-Jones teamed up with Comcast RISE after launching the CreativeMotion Arts Center in Philadelphia and has been able to upgrade the services she offers. Her dance studio and performance art instructional center helps nurture and discover artistic talents.

“Being a recipient of the Tech Award with Comcast RISE means the world to my business,” Taylor-Jones said. “With their help, we have been able to upgrade to paperless registrations, which has saved the company paperwork and money on office expenses.”

In addition to supporting Black entrepreneurs, Comcast has also collaborated with companies spearheading initiatives to advance the Black community. Some partners include the Center for Black Innovation, Ureeka, and BUILD.

“We’re proud to play a small part in the story of these strong Black Entrepreneurs as they follow their dreams and passions,” Boyd said. “May we celebrate them this month, and every month.”