How Entertainment PR Guru Lucky Church Builds Meaningful Relationships In The Industry
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How Entertainment PR Guru Lucky Church Builds Meaningful Relationships In The Industry

Having worked with huge brands like the Grammy Awards, Fat Joe, Nike, Wu-Tang Clan, Team Jordan, BET, Universal Records, DJ Khaled, and many others, it’s safe to say that Walter “Lucky Church” Simons has made a name for himself as the behind-the-scenes, go-to guy in the entertainment industry.

With over 15 years of PR and networking experience, he has become a super-connector, global liaison, and pro at building meaningful relationships..

Simons, currently director of client relations and PR at Mungo Creative Group, is a man who cannot be defined by one single role. The Harlem native wears many hats and has very recently partnered with Billy Porter, taking over his social media and content. He has a natural gift for building and cultivating relationships, and it shines through all that he does.

“I came up with the title global liaison because I’m just a connector of people and I love to connect people and things that make sense for each other.” 

How Lucky Church Became The Go-To Liaison

The former singer/songwriter/musician used his past rock band experience to begin connecting brands with celebrities and recording artists with record labels. “I wore so many hats.”

Simons came up with a creative way to have his band have a manager, using his real name to respond to emails and book shows as the band’s manager. “I didn’t realize during this time of being with the band that I was building this unique skill set that would help catapult my career in the future,” he shared.

When Simons exited the band, an opportunity at Lizzie Grubman’s high-profile PR firm came his way through a friend. He quickly stood out from the pack when he was able to pull some strings to secure spots for shows at Fashion Week through his connections, which grabbed Grubman’s attention. Ever since, he has had a very successful career in many roles, rubbing shoulders with everyone’s Hollywood faves.

It goes beyond networking for Simons, though; his relationships are solid because he is open to assist in any way that he can.

“My relationships have enriched my life and because I’ve been good to people, they in turn have been good to me,” he says. “That’s why I tell people all the time that it’s important to build those relationships because you never know when you’ll need people to help you or when you’ll be an asset to help somebody and push them through to the next level of their life and career. It’s about making yourself available and being open to being available to help people at the same time.”

Building Meaningful Relationships In The Entertainment Industry

In an industry where there’s a lot of fake love, Simons aims to always keep it 100 by building his connections genuinely. He encourages others to do the same.

“If it doesn’t feel authentic, don’t do it,” he explains. “People can read through that.What you want to do is find something unique between you and the person that you have common ground on, and start from there. You have to also realize that you will not connect with everybody–and that’s OK. I never force anything, I let everything flow naturally.”

Rushing and trying to push to the top isn’t what got Simons to where he is today. He has built his reputation through sincere relationships that developed over time. He recommends slowing down and following your gut. “Just be patient with yourself, trust your instincts, and also, trust your journey,” he advises. “People are so busy trying to force their careers and force themselves to success, but that’s just not how success is gained. You have to be patient with yourself and understand that it’s a process.”

Simons believes that another reason many aren’t able to build meaningful industry relationships is because they come with an ulterior motive. “People approach situations with an intent to get something,” he notes. “Anybody who knows me will tell you that my relationships are built off of just interacting with them to see who they are and to get to know them as a person.” Simons looks to build a rapport, remain in contact, and makes it known that he is there to help whenever needed.

 “There’s longevity in authenticity, and I cannot push that more. You have to be yourself. And with your network, you have to appreciate the small network in order to get to the big network. So many people are trying to push and force.”

WALTER “Lucky Church” SIMONS

Simons believes it is important to build a solid network to level up. And for those who are introverted, he shares, “You have to learn to break your shell, just a little bit. And sometimes it just takes meeting other introverts like yourself and finding common ground there. With no risk, there is no reward. If you’re not taking those little leaps of faith and stepping into your destiny, being fearless and unapologetic, you’re never going to find out who’s for you.”

He suggests practicing with friends who may be more extroverted or utilizing more social friends to introduce you to others and help you engage in conversations.

Keeping Up With Lucky Church

Simons shares all of his gems and humor on his Instagram page, @LuckyChurch. He can also be found through Mungo Creative Group.