How Remote Workers Can Plan A Productive ‘Work-cation’

How Remote Workers Can Plan A Productive ‘Work-cation’

The travel industry has been completely changed overnight due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that remote work is the new normal, many workers have decided to take a trip to work elsewhere or a “work-cation.” However, some may not know how to manage their time productively during their trip.

It’s important to note that a work-cation is not a vacation — you have to plan your trip around your job, which means considering things like Wi-Fi connectivity, taking work calls, and having a comfortable space to work in. Many hotels have already implemented new cleaning procedures to keep guests safe during their stay. It is important to ask about Wi-Fi packages if they are not included in your rate. Also, does the space allow you to properly socially distance yourself from people and staff?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans against leisure travel in an effort to limit spread the of COVID-19, chiefly to avoid large crowds, specifically for Thanksgiving. Whether you opt for a location in your area or choose an international location for a longer stay, it’s crucial to take steps to protect yourself during your travel. Think about planning a trip for early 2021 while monitoring updates from health organizations.

Previously, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported how hotels had started offering special remote packages featuring special amenities for remote workers to be comfortable and productive during their stay.

In locations in Central America and the Caribbean, like Costa Rica or Barbados, where it is easier to social distance, many workers have opted for these tropical retreats to work in peace. Places like the Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas resort in Costa Rica recently introduced new remote work packages offering such perks as in-room spa treatment, Wi-Fi throughout the property, and an on-site personal assistant for travelers.

“Reception has been very positive as more and more travelers are looking for options of places they can travel to meanwhile they work remotely,” said Federico Gurdián, general manager of the Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas told BLACK ENTERPRISE via email. “[The property] offers the perfect location for people looking for this option as it offers privacy, comfortable working space in the villas and in the hotel common areas.”