Part of building a successful future is looking ahead and planning for anything that might come your way. This is especially important when your future includes family, and children who you want to be well taken care of. Thinking about covering yourself and loved ones is one thing, but doing it is another. 


When it comes to life insurance, for example, we usually seek it out during the busiest times in our lives, like when we begin raising families, embarking on careers, and securing homes. Whether you’re too busy, or you’re one of the 42% of millennials who refrain from buying life insurance because they don’t think they’ll qualify — there are options for you to consider. One example is Fabric, a digital life insurance provider and platform that makes getting covered easier. 


Working with the busy schedules of young professionals and parents, and flipping the historically slow life-insurance application process on its head, Fabric enables you to get a term life insurance policy in as little as ten minutes, if qualified. It all starts with heading to Fabric’s website and taking a brief, minute-long questionnaire to see how term life insurance can help you and your family. From there, the provider’s easy-to-use digital application can be completed in about ten minutes. Qualified applicants can receive and offer right away then make a payment to start their coverage immediately. Even if you aren’tt approved right away, Fabric will walk you through any next steps needed to get a final decision as quickly as possible. Fabric offers a ton of different options with various lengths, coverages, and rates so you can easily customize your policy to meet your budget and needs.


In addition to applying for term life insurance through Fabric, you can use their fantastic app to do important things like create a will, organize financial accounts, and manage your information from a single space. If you have any questions along the way, Fabric’s fantastic customer service team is available to help.


Fabric’s genuinely valuable coverage and ease of use has led to its praise in a number of highly regarded publications including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. It’s rated 4.8/5 stars on TrustPilot, and has been celebrated by a ton of users who’ve left 5-star reviews and kind words on Fabric’s website. One such policyholder named Bridget wrote that Fabric is “easy to access and easy to follow. I love it. Can refer a friend with 100% confidence.” 


Join happy Fabric users like this. Take the 60-second quiz on Fabric’s website to find the term life insurance policy that’s right for you. 


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