How to Get Positive Customer Reviews Online

Online reviews have become increasingly important in how customers make decisions about purchasing products or services. Negative reviews can have a significant impact on a business and may even require damage control.

Small business owners need to make an effort to get positive customer reviews to add to their websites and marketing materials. At the same time, small businesses must remain ethical and steer clear of posting customer reviews that are not legitimate.

Small Biz Trends reports that a product called “Get Five Stars” can help entrepreneurs maximize feedback on their sites. Operating on the premise of one star meaning poor and five stars equating to best in quality and service, Get Five Stars is an online tool that guides users through the process of how to get positive customer reviews.

In essence, it helps users organize and streamline the process of requesting and displaying customer reviews and increasing their visibility online in hopes of convincing new customers to buy from their businesses.

By being proactive, entrepreneurs can have a big impact on how their companies are presented to the world. Besides, if a customer is willing to recommend your business, you should want to show off that review and have other prospective customers see it.

Get Five Stars helps small businesses:

1. Customize email messages requesting testimonials and reviews from customers.

2. Identify which customers are less than happy or giving negative reviews, so you can attempt to turn them back to positive.

3. Encourage customers to share their positive reviews online at major review sites.

4. Place reviews and testimonials on your own website in a Google-friendly way, leading to greater visibility in search.

5. Monitor new reviews on public review sites as an ongoing reputation management process, so you can stay informed and be proactive.

6. Catch negative reviews, allowing you to try to resolve any issues before they cause lasting harm.

Get Five Stars is a cloud software service. You access it and use it online. It is designed to review a business, not review individual products.

The way it works is that right in the dashboard, business owners can insert customer names and email addresses, adding customer data from an invoicing system, a Contacts app, or a CRM database – or inserting it manually. Using pre-built email templates you can ask customers to rate your business privately first. Then after you have a chance to review the feedback, if it’s positive you can ask the customer to go to a public review site to leave feedback there.

The reviews you get back can also be embedded on a page on your company’s website. There’s also a WordPress plugin to put the testimonials into WordPress sites.

Get Five Stars monitors key review sites, as part of an ongoing reputation management process. You get a dashboard that is regularly updated, to see how many reviews you have and the average star system rating.

Get Five Stars is priced at $29.95 per month (discounted to $24 per month if you pay annually). There is a 15-day free trial offer, too.