How To Leverage Your Unique Power

Oftentimes, when you hear  a captivating story, it belongs to another person.

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However, every woman has the ability to tell her story and share it in an impactful way. Lucia McBath, gun safety advocate and founder of Walk With Jordan Scholarship Foundation, and Bershan Shaw, author and warrior life coach, shared their emotional story of transition and survival, on a panel hosted by Chevrolet called “Every Woman Has A Story – Leverage Your Unique Power,” and moderated by media executive and author Amy DuBois Barnett.

McBath and Shaw brought the audience to tears as they told their individual stories.  Surviving the murder of her son, McBath encouraged the audience on how to be your own advocate and inspire long lasting change against gun violence and racism. Shaw shared her story of surviving breast cancer after she was told she had only a few months to live.  Both women illustrated how they took what happened in their life and changed it into a goal that serves others. Their stories motivated other women in the audience to stand up and tell their own truths; a reoccurring theme through the conference of letting down your mask, and being honest with what hurts.

Here are some ways you can leverage your own story to demonstrate your unique power and change the world:

  • Learn how to be your own advocate when you feel most alone
  • Find inspiration in the middle of tragedy by asking for help and support
  • Change your mindset to change your destiny
  • Do something you’ve never done, if you want something you never had
  • Use the things that happen in your life as a platform for change, no matter how big or small

How can your story help someone else? Take these steps and apply them to your unique situation, and see what happens. You may be the change the world is waiting to see. Visit Shaw’s new initiative at to get started.