How to Prepare for Career Success Early

How to Prep for Success Early in Your Career

Privacy continues to be one of the top issues in sharing content on social networks. Recently, Facebook announced their new privacy settings and the redesign they are rolling out soon. Users started seeing the new privacy changes to the Web version Thursday, and the mobile roll-out of changes will happen soon after. An interesting question is what is driving the new Facebook privacy changes? Is it Google Plus or the need to provide users with a more contextual experience? The launch of Google Plus has intensified content-sharing privacy with their Google Circles functionality. The friendly competition with Google will hopefully continue to provide changes that will benefit the user. The other big plus is that these adjustments enable users to manage their profiles, which represent and reflect a portion of their online identity. ---Hajj Flemings
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For young professionals, the sky’s the limit. You have time on your side, and can use these early years to make the right steps to ensure a lucrative future.  There are so many career avenues, and not all paths are the same or without curves and bumps.

One thing that’s tried and true: An early start making the right moves can mean less bumps and more progress in the longrun. But where do you start? Brazen Careerist asked 10 game-changing members of Young Entrepreneur Council what they did at the beginning of their career that’s helped them see their current succes.

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