Howard University Alum Partners With School on Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching

Howard University Alum Partners With School on Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching

The Howard University School of Business (HUSB) is launching an Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching (ECDC) program. The program is a partnership with the award-winning CoachDiversity Institute (CDI).

The certification is geared toward executives and professionals who want to develop successful coaching competencies, diversity and inclusion integration, and leadership skills for use with individuals, teams, or organizations. With the inaugural cohort kicking off in November, this four-month program includes five days of in-classroom training on campus at historic Howard University, followed by a peer and mentor coaching practicum, concluding with a paper and evaluation. The ECDC is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

“The Howard University School of Business is excited about our strategic partnership with CoachDiversity and the launch of the Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching program. As a global leader in business education, HUSB is not only interested in the development of world-class leaders and executives, but also in the development of skilled coaches who are equipped to support the success of diverse talent, and also lead the evolution of diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace” states Kim R. Wells, executive director of Executive Education.

The mission is to offer a high-value, industry-edge program that disrupts how executive coaching is presented, embraced, practiced, and executed. With the landscape of business, corporate, education, and entertainment changing at unprecedented rates, executives and professionals of all levels struggle to stay afloat. Consequently, organizations are in dire need of capable and top-skilled leaders who can navigate an inclusive workforce through career shifts, cultural competencies, workplace challenges, and performance improvements.

Building upon a cornerstone of innovation and excellence, Howard University is working toward collaborating with high-achieving, forward thinkers who are ready to own their influence in the marketplace. Program attendees will be equipped with the latest education, inspiration, best practices, and strategies to make an indelible impact on their organizations, communities, and spheres of influence for generations to come.



We spoke with Dr. Towanna Burrous, CEO/Founder of CoachDiversity Institute, the only institution that combines the transformational power of coaching with diversity and leadership training, to share her thoughts on the ECDC program:

What are your thoughts on the evolution of diversity?

Diversity has been evolving for a long time. However, today we are discussing the business case for diversity and inclusion. The more diverse and inclusive the team, the higher the performance. The more diverse and inclusive the team, the better the service. The more diverse and inclusive the team, the better the company.

What is the unique edge about ECDC?

Traditional diversity training is centered on raising awareness around power and privilege only, leaving participants feeling uneasy, angry, resentful, and defensive. We’re placing greater value on learning new tools that help leaders think differently about difference and translating these skills into everyday practice.

Why is there an urgency to produce capable leaders with a skill set in diversity coaching?

The skills required of a great leader have transformed over the years. Over the past decades, our workforces have undergone rapid demographic and technological change, trends that will continue for the foreseeable future. Now more than ever, institutions need to cultivate leadership skills to prepare them to meet today’s challenges. Our world needs leaders that are nimble, adaptive, open to new ideas and technologies, and able to work across a vast array of diverse populations to solve today’s complex problems. Though some are born leaders, often a successful leader requires continuous learning to diversify their set of skills.

How do you feel about the partnership with Howard University?

There are no words that can express my gratitude for what Howard has done for me. It is an honor to return to my alma mater as a successful businesswoman. I’m a product of this great institution and this partnership is proof they are proud of me too.