If You Were Obama, Would You Fire Gen. McChrystal?

If You Were Obama, Would You Fire Gen. McChrystal?

General Stanley S. McChrystal, leader of the counterinsurgency effort in the war in Afghanistan, is on the hot seat after making critical comments about Obama administration officials in an article for Rolling Stone Magazine. Today he met with President Obama in the Oval Office today to explain his comments directly to the Commander-in-Chief, indicating that he was prepared to submit his resignation.

Some say that the general’s remarks amounts to blatant insubordination and that McChrystal should be fired. Others say that while the remarks are a disturbing example of poor judgement, McChrystal’s leadership is critical to the leadership of international forces in Afghanistan and that changing leadership now would hurt that cause.

We want to know what you think. If you were President Obama, would you fire General McChrystal? Why or why not?