‘I’m Just Gonna Enjoy Life’ Doc Rivers Unsure If He’ll Return To Coaching for NBA

‘I’m Just Gonna Enjoy Life’ Doc Rivers Unsure If He’ll Return To Coaching for NBA

Former NBA coach Doc Rivers is uncertain about whether or not he’ll return to the league after being relieved of his duties with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rivers has one of the most storied careers as a head coach, having racked up a few championships and highly successful seasons coaching some of the league’s biggest stars. However, his time with the 76ers left him open to criticism after the team failed to go as far as many thought their talent could take them. During the three seasons that the 61-year-old served as the leader of the team, their record was 154-82. With shakeups around the league and more former players joining the sidelines, it’s unclear where a veteran coaching presence like Rivers’ could be a fit.

For now, it seems he’s not worried much about it.

According to TMZ Sports, Rivers is embracing his impending free time. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” he said. “I’m just gonna enjoy life.” Trade deadlines and the summer league games have been a large focus for the NBA and its fans; however, major partners like ESPN have found themselves in need of broadcasting talent,t which Rivers may be a frontrunner. Though he has had a long career as a coach, Rivers found his latest role at the 76ers challenging, particularly managing one of his stars, James Harden. “I would have loved to have had him younger when that was easier for him because giving up the ball and getting back the ball is hard. It’s physical, and it’s exhausting,” Rivers said. “It would have been interesting if I would have had him younger,r and he could have done that more, coming off of dribble handoffs coming down the hill.”

The 76ers capped their season with a disappointing loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.