Iman Launches Online Magazine 'Destination Iman'

Iman Launches Online Magazine

Destination Iman screen shot
Supermodel-turned-CEO Iman debuted ‘Destination Iman' on Tuesday (Image: Destination Iman)

Former supermodel and full-time businesswoman Iman continues to expand her brand in novel ways. After taking on the fashion industry head on, as well as the world of beauty and cosmetics, among other areas, the Somali-born beauty is ready to conquer new seas with the launch of her online magazine Destination Iman.

In partnership with design and development agency Built by the Factory, Iman unveiled the monthly magazine Tuesday, according to WWD. Like other magazines, the fashion/beauty/lifestyle zine will feature original content ranging from style and beauty tips from the industry’s most revered designers (think Jason Wu) to highlights from the latest collections.

The site will also feature a column written by Iman entitled “Ageless Chic,” where the founder and CEO of Iman Cosmetics will provide readers with tips on staying effortlessly elegant. The column will be syndicated on the Huffington Post.