5 Must-Do Immersive Experiences in NYC That You Can’t Afford to Miss [2018]

5 Must-Do Immersive Experiences in NYC That You Can’t Afford to Miss [2018]

Are you Insta-ready for the latest NYC immersive experiences? New York City—and other cities—has been on fire with these trendy pop-up experiences that are bursting with color and anything but boring.

You probably saw your friends with envy-worthy photos on your timeline. You probably also felt left out because no one told you how you can attend these fun exhibits. Well, BE has you covered. Here are five pop-ups that will last until November 2018, so get your tickets and get ready to show the world how cool you are.

These interactive experiences are sure to take your Instagram page to the next level.  Take a walk through the different rooms and capture the moments of you and friends “Living your best life.”



The Dream Machine NYC

April 5 – Sept. 9

The Dream Machine, located in Brooklyn, New York, is filled with fun cool interactive rooms. Have you ever thought about taking cool pictures in a laundromat, well here’s your chance at the Dream Machine.




Wonder World NYC

 Aug. 18 – Nov. 4

Wonder World is located in SoHo, New York, The pop-up gives you an Alice in Wonderland type of vibe. They have different cool rooms like the flower tunnel, bubble swimming pool, and the giant teacup, all of which are sharable to your Instagram page.




Candytopia NYC

 Aug. 15 – Nov. 15

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Candyland, Willy Wonka, and the chocolate factory collided? Well, your dreams have just come true at the NYC Candytopia live interactive exhibit. It is filled with different, colorful, and tasty rooms. They even have a tsunami marshmallow room.




Rosé Mansion NYC

Dates: Open until Oct. 7

The Rosé Mansion has been buzzing all summer with their cute, colorful rooms and people swinging from the chandelier. If you love rosé and taking cool pictures for your Instagram, this is definitely the hot spot and it’s open every day until midnight. Did someone say ROSÉ?!?




Color Factory NYC

Aug. 20 – Sept. 30

If you’re in the mood for some Saturday night fever, you most definitely want to come and check out the latest Color Factory pop-up, also located in the SoHo area. The Color Factory collaborated with artists and creatives to bring the interactive experience to you.