Isaac Bryan Appointed To The Assembly Democratic Leadership Team

Isaac Bryan Appointed To The Assembly Democratic Leadership Team

Robert Rivas, the California Assembly Speaker, has appointed Assembly Member Isaac Bryan as a member of the Assembly Democratic Leadership team. Announced on Monday, July 3, Bryan will be a member for the remainder of this legislative session term, serving as majority leader, L.A. Sentinel reported  

Rivas explained, “The historic diversity of our Caucus speaks to the remarkable lived experiences across our great state. Our leadership team also reflects this diversity so that we can uplift all residents.” 

He continued to proudly assure that the Assembly Democratic Leadership team would focus on uplifting marginalized communities “who have been routinely and systematically underrepresented and underserved for far too long.” 

Speaker Rivas also thanked the other Assembly members for their service and expressed excitement to continue to work with them in addition to Bryan as an addition.

  “I am especially thankful to Assemblymembers Eloise Gómez Reyes and Chris Ward. Their service to the Assembly and leadership elevated the functionality and effectiveness of our work. I look forward to ongoing collaboration with them.” 

Bryan, of the 55th Assembly District, took his oath during the July 3 announcement session. He said during his speech,  “I am honored and humbled to be able to serve the people of California as our next Majority Leader of the Assembly under the leadership of Speaker Robert Rivas.”

“Speaker Rivas and I share a deep, personal understanding of the struggles so many Californians face, and equally share a daily commitment to improving the conditions of life for all. I’m grateful to the Speaker for his trust in me.” 

The recipient of his oath, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, closed the session by expressing her gratitude to the new member and Rivas for appointing him.

  “I am extraordinarily grateful to Speaker Rivas for his faith and confidence in me,” Aguiar-Curry said. “I am excited to work hand in hand with Majority Leader Bryan and the rest of our leadership team to serve The Speaker, the Assembly Democratic Caucus, our Legislative institutions and the working people of this state.”