Israel’s First Black Beauty Queen Condemns ‘Black Lives Matter’ For Support Of Palestine

Israel’s First Black Beauty Queen Condemns ‘Black Lives Matter’ For Support Of Palestine

Israel’s first Black beauty queen, Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, is calling out the Black Lives Matter movement for not taking a stance against Hamas and, instead, voicing demands for a ceasefire against innocent Palestinians in Gaza, the New York Post reports.

The Ethiopian-born model was crowned Miss Israel in 2013 and took to Instagram to express her disappointment in “Black Lives Matter,” which protested unjust police murders of innocent civilians, for its choice to support Palestine.

“I am so shocked by the response of Black Lives Matter regarding the terror attacks here in Israel,” Aynaw said. “I remember you screaming in the streets, ‘I can’t breathe. I want to inform you right now… who cannot breathe.”

She continued, discussing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and who she believes the group supports.

“These groups — BLM — need to learn their facts,” she said, per the New York Post. “People need to learn who they’re really supporting, what they do to their own people, let alone Jews. They don’t care about saving lives. There are no human rights [with Hamas]. They kill their own — they also kill Muslims, Bedouins who serve in the army.”

The former Israelite beauty queen moved to the Middle East when she was 12 and later served in the Israel Defense Forces.

Aynaw’s post caused a stir amongst those who felt her criticisms were misdirected, incorrect and uneducated. “You can not expect an oppressed people in another country to lead the charge in a foreign conflict,” one Instagram user said.

“Many Black Americans are supporters, and many are seeking knowledge on the issue. The media is filtering what many of us see. But don’t attack an oppressed people for not leading the charge in the way you think they should.”