Issa Rae, TelevisaUnivision, Hispanic Creators

Issa Rae’s Ensemble Partners With TelevisaUnivision To Create Opportunities For Hispanic Creators

Issa Rae's Ensemble is amplifying Hispanic content creators thanks to its new partnership with Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision.

Issa Rae’s newly launched branded content company, Ensemble, has teamed up with Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision to further amplify diverse creators.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, as part of the partnership, Ensemble will collaborate with TelevisaUnivision’s in-house brand studio, Así Studios, to create new opportunities for Hispanic creators and connect them with brands. The partnership will provide them with access to production resources and skills training.

Ensemble says the creator content “will be integrated across TelevisaUnivision’s IP, including some of the biggest moments in music, sports, and entertainment, to deliver authentic, in-culture content from leading voices in the social space while helping brands maximize growth.”

The announcement comes one month after Rae launched Ensemble with media industry veterans Ian Schafer and Matt Berger to help build deeper, more authentic connections between diverse content creators and brands.

“As we execute our mission to bring more equity to the Creator Economy, it’s imperative that we have like-minded partners who are doing the work to provide more opportunities for creators from underrepresented communities,” Schafer, president of Ensemble said.

“This powerful partnership will empower Ensemble’s market-leading Hispanic creators, through TelevisaUnivision’s unmatched portfolio of IP and experiences, to more deeply engage with brands in and around ‘La Cultura’ regardless of platform or format. But just as importantly, this partnership will provide practical on-ramps for the next generation of professional Hispanic content creators to sustainably emerge and succeed.”

Now, with Ensembles’ ties to TelevisaUnivision, more diverse creators will gain access to the media giant’s cross-country studios, larger audience, and “creator camps” connected to some of its major events.

“Hispanic creators deserve equal opportunities and resources to succeed, and there’s always more work to be done to ensure they have access. We’ve built robust capabilities through Así Creators to meet the needs of brands in connecting them with authentic voices in the Latino community, but there’s always more work to be done,” Dan Riess, executive VP and chief growth officer at TelevisaUnivision, said.

“Ensemble is the perfect partner — we’re excited to add our platform to their mission of helping Hispanic creators to learn, grow, and increase visibility on social and beyond.”

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