‘It’s A Cold Summer’: Master P Releases New-Orleans Style Snow Cones In Grocery Stores

‘It’s A Cold Summer’: Master P Releases New-Orleans Style Snow Cones In Grocery Stores

Master P is not stopping anytime soon! He would say, “It’s a New Orleans thing ya heard me?”

This summer, the ice cream man is now offering snow cones, thanks to Master P and his latest business venture — LA GREAT SNOW CONES.

The hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur announced the New Orleans-style shaved ice treats via Instagram, boasting seven flavors. On a July day, especially in Louisiana, families can indulge in summer favorites, including bubble gum, blue raspberry, green apple, lemon-lime, orange-sicle, cherry, and grape.

“LA GREAT SNOW CONES is more than a family-owned snow cone company, it’s a movement to making a difference in the lives of families and communities. We stand for integrity, hard work, and giving back. We strive to provide snow cones that are deliciously made with the highest quality,” according to the brand’s website.

The Rap Snacks cofounder also revealed that the snow cones are now available in Rouses Markets, the Gulf Coast’s largest independent grocer with stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

He wrote on Instagram, “It’s a cold summer the Ice Cream man got Snow Cones. 7 New Great Flavors #BlueRaspberry #Cherry #Grape #GreenApple #Lemonade #Orange-Sicle & #Bubblegum. It’s a New Orleans thing ya heard me? #SnowBallsInACup Available at @rousesmarkets #GODisgood We’re taking over the grocery stores. Giving the culture game. It’s ok to have more than one product. Product outweighs talent.”


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Additionally, LA GREAT SNOW CONES will use proceeds to support the nonprofit medical service organization Operation Smile. Every year, Operation Smile aims to help thousands of children living with cleft lip and cleft palate.

“Our motto is, “The more we make, the more we give,” the brand’s website states.

“Every time you purchase our LA GREAT SNOW CONES, you are making a difference. We are honored to support Operation Smile. Together, we make it possible for children who suffer from cleft conditions to receive surgeries and a new smile so that they may reach their full potential in life.”