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Social Media Users Call ‘Cap’ On Ja Rule’s Alleged $100M Record Deal

Ja Rule recently announced a record deal he claims is potentially a $100M. Despite his excitement social media reactions were unfavorable.

Ja Rule is making waves across social media with his recent announcement of a potential $100 million record deal, Complex reported. But apart from a few congratulations here and there, folks on the internet aren’t believing the hype. This has caused Ja Rule to respond to all the naysayers via his X account. 

The former hip-hop superstar has weathered several controversies in his career. One involved a rap beef with 50 Cent that left his high-profile rap career in limbo. The other is for his contributions to the infamous Fyre Festival as a partner to Billy McFarland. Ja Rule leveraged his fame and industry connections to put together one of the worst music festivals of all time. So when it comes to credibility, the public isn’t sure what to believe regarding the “Holla Holla” rapper.

Addressing the public’s response on X, Ja Rule embraced the love from his fans while dismissing his “haters” with a straightforward “SMD.” The social media reactions, however, seemed to prompt a series of tweets from the former Murder Inc. artist. He took shots at the “goofies” for not congratulating him and criticized “a**hole fans” who target people for speaking negatively about him.

Expressing his weariness at taking the high road, Ja Rule introduced his followers to his alter ego, “Petty Murphy.” Ja Rule responded to tweeters who didn’t support the Queens rapper’s exciting news.

Responding to the doubters who questioned his fanbase, Ja Rule engaged with X users, defending his impact on the music scene. While some fans stood by him, citing his influence on their musical upbringing, others called into question the legitimacy of his record deal, with one user telling him to “stop the cap,” and tagging 50 Cent.

Despite the buzz surrounding the alleged record deal, the rap veteran has not provided specifics. What is clear, though, is his renewed focus on music, after Ja Rule announced he was “in album mode” more than a decade after releasing his seventh album, Pain Is Love 2.

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