Jada Pinkett Smith Supports Will Smith’s Solo Vacations With Ex-Wife

Jada Pinkett Smith Supports Will Smith’s Solo Vacations With Ex-Wife

Jada Pinkett Smith had Sheree Zampino open up on the latest episode of Red Table Talk about the family vacations Will Smith and his ex-wife enjoy without Jada.

The episode focused on “toxic forgiveness” and Jada found it necessary to tackle the topic with none other than her husband’s ex-wife. Jada and Sheree shared how they developed their “sisterhood” despite how “messy” their relationship was at times.

Jada admitted she entered the picture “too soon” after Will and Sheree’s 1995 divorce. The former couple continued to co-parent their son Trey, 29, the eldest of Will’s three kids, two being with Jada, Jaden, 24, and Willow, 21.

Sheree and Will were married for three years before calling it quits, and the Men In Black star tied the knot with Jada just two years after his divorce.

“We have developed a really nice sisterhood. but it hasn’t been easy,” Jada explained.

“Trying to have a blended family and not really have a blueprint for that, we really had to figure it out along the way,” she said. “For me, it really was about maturity [and] not understanding the marital dynamic.”

Jada shared how she was forced to accept Sheree in her family dynamic because of her co-parenting relationship with Will.

“This woman is a part of this family. [I was] not only taking on Trey, but Sheree is coming along too,” Jada said. “Looking back, I definitely would have taken a beat as far as putting myself in the dynamic of you guys [and] let you two flesh out whatever you need to figure out. I didn’t understand it.”

Over the years, they have built a genuine bond and trust where Jada became comfortable allowing Will and Sheree to vacation with Trey alone.

“Never. They take trips, I’m not there. They do their thing…” Jada revealed to fellow guest Jenna Kramer.

Sheree said Jada needed to elaborate to avoid misinterpreted headlines.

“Not together romantically, but like if he’s going on a book tour and his mom is going and his sister,” Jada explained before Sheree jumped in.


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Jada said, “It’s fun for me to watch them enjoy them. It takes time, though.”

“We’re not having trouble everyone,” Jada added with a laugh. “Let’s just make that very clear cause you know that will be the next rumor.”